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Study design

The aim of the Swiss Payment Monitor (SPM) is to shed light on the Swiss payment landscape comprehensively from different angles. By combining different examination methods, the study offers an integrated view of the payment market and enables the recording of new developments and the identification of relevant drivers over time through regular data collection.


The study comprises two parts: First, the micro-perspective consisting of a standardized online survey with questions about payment behavior in general and a payment diary to be filled out by the respondents. Second, the macro-perspective based on the analysis of the publicly available data on electronic payment transactions by the Swiss National Bank (see figure).



The micro-perspective reflects the consumer perspective and records payment habits as well as the perception and attitudes of the Swiss towards various means of payment and neo-banks. In addition, changes in behavior in connection with the coronavirus are recorded.


In each survey wave, 1,400 to 1,600 people from the age of 18 from German, French and Italian-speaking Switzerland complete the online survey. Around half of these people then record their daily transactions using the diary journal. The sample is representative of the population in terms of gender, age, language region, income and level of education. The study participants are recruited via an online access panel.

Online survey

In the first step, the participants are asked to answer online questions on the subject of "Paying". The focus is on the self-perception and the assessment of the respondents with regard to various aspects of their payment behavior. The survey takes around 25 minutes and is carried out in stages in May and November.


Payment diary


In the second step and following the online survey, the participants document their payment behavior in the form of a payment diary over a period of three consecutive days. The participants record and classify all payments and cash withdrawals made during the day - with the exception of recurring expenses - according to predefined criteria. The main interest here is the actual payment behavior of the people compared with the online survey. The payment diary is filled out via the mobile app, which enables transactions and cash withdrawals to be recorded promptly.





The macro perspective relates to the macroeconomic variables and records the payment transactions
at an aggregated level based on the publicly available data of the Swiss National Bank. It provides an up-to-date, unadulterated picture of cashless payment transactions in Switzerland and with Swiss payment cards abroad, both in terms of the number of transactions and the turnover of cashless payment methods. In addition, it provides information on effective cash withdrawals with payment cards.




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