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Swiss Payment Monitor

How does Switzerland pay?


The Swiss Payment Monitor examines the payment behavior of the Swiss population since 2018. It is a long-term study series. With the help of representative survey data, which is collected twice a year, and publicly available data on digital payments, the consumer perspective and the macroeconomic perspective are linked. The result is a holistic all-round view of the payment behavior of the Swiss population.


The Swiss Payment Monitor is a joint research project between the University of St.Gallen and the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences. It is supported by the Swiss Payment Association (SPA) and the industrial partners Nets (Nets Schweiz AG) and Worldline | SIX Payment Services.



The Swiss Payment Monitor records the latest trends and long-term developments in the payment market. The survey on attitudes, ownership and use of means of payment is carried out in spring and autumn. The results are available immediately after the end of the survey and the diary. Selected results are continuously published on this project page .


The macroeconomic development of payment behavior can be graphically tracked in real time using an interactive dashboard. The images are continuously updated and can be viewed on this project page.

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